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Till the Clouds Roll By
Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) A musical and fictionalized biography of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern (portrayed by Robert Walker), who was originally involved with the film, but died before it was completed. The film features renditions of the famous songs from his musical plays by contemporary stage artists, including a condensed production of his most famous: 'Showboat'. Plot: On the success of his latest and most elaborate Broadway musical "Show Boat", composer Jerome Kern (Robert Walker) reminisces to his chauffeur about his life that led to this point. He talks about: his long time friendship with arranger James Hessler who in large part helped him hone his craft, and who himself wanted to get out of arranging to focus on composing serious music; how he overcame the mentality of the time of Broadway producers of featuring the English music halls revues; how he met an English country lass named Eva Leale, who would become Mrs. Kern; his near death experience in almost boarding the ill-fated Lusitania sailing, the liner which was ultimately torpedoed and sank on that sailing; his longtime friendship with Hessler's daughter, Sally Hessler, whose want, as an adult, to be a Broadway performer led to a certain estrangement; and the specific events that led to the creation of "Show Boat" with lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II. With the advent of talking pictures, Kern's music, both existing songs as well as new songs written expressly for, would hit a broader audience through Hollywood movies. With Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury.
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The Liberty Medical Happy Diabeetus Song ft. Wilford Brimley
My first YTPMV. Inspired by NeoNintendo's "Scrub Scrub Scrub." Had some trouble balancing the audio properly, but hopefully it will play correctly for all of you. MP3 download now available: Lyrics: Chorus A: (Wilford): I eat ice cream All through the night x3 I eat ice cream All through the night And as a result, I got diabeetus. If you want diabeetus, you want diabeetus, x2 Eat ice cream. If you want diabeetus, you want diabeetus, x2 Eat apple pie. I eat ice cream All through the night x3 I eat ice cream All through the night And as a result, I'm gonna die. (/end Chorus A) (Link): Hey, wanna eat an octorock? (Wilford): Uhh... not interested. I've got diabeetus. (Link): That's easy, go on a diet! (Wilford): Go fuck a horse, I'm eatin' ice cream- after you get diabeetus! (Link): Huh!? Chorus B: (Wilford): Eat eat eat all the ice cream in Hyrule, Eat eat eat all the ice cream in Gamelon, Eat eat eat apple pie in the morning, Get diabeetus and die, lol. Eat eat eat all the ice cream in Liberty, Eat eat eat all the ice cream in the world, Eat eat eat medicine in the morning, I promise ya, you'll feel better. (/end Chorus B) Chorus A (Gwonam): Wilford, Ganon seized Liberty! (Wilford): I'm eatin' ice cream, then we can talk about- (Gwonam): There is no time, you must go! (Wilford): You save Liberty, I'm eatin' ice cream- after you get diabeetus! (Gwonam): Fuck! Chorus B (Wilford): Uhh... eat eat eat all the ice cream in Hyrule, Then we can talk about diabeetus- After you eat eat eat all the ice cream. (Link and Gwonam): No! (Ganonford): *Lightning* (Link): FUCK! (Ganonford): *Lightning* (Gwonam): FUCK!
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OPEN FOR ANYONE - a film by Salvation Productions Salvation Productions - Matthew Wright, Sam Keene, Ina Rai, Paige Dexter. DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Matthew Wright WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY: Chainsaw Productions EDITED BY: Chainsaw Productions DIRECTOR OF CINEMATOGRAPHY: Matthew Wright CAST Matthew Wright as "Matt" Harry Wheelwright as "Harry" Jacob Jerkovich as "The Murderer" Paige Dexter as "Dead Body" CINEMATOGRAPHY/CAMERA CREW: All of Salvation Productions, as well as: Lesley Wright Harry Wheelwright Jacob Jerkovich MUSIC (in order of appearance) "People Say I'm No Good" by Charles Manson Music sampled from Bertie Gilbert's "Tick Where It Hurts", composed by Tom Rosenthal "Ghosts We Once Knew" by Mumford & Sons TRAILER MUSIC: "It's Okay" by Tom Rosenthal SPECIAL THANKS TO Lesley Wright Harry Wheelwright Jacob Jerkovich Infinite thanks to those three people. Without them the film would either have been not possible to make, not like my original idea, or incomplete. Without Mum, Harry wouldn't have been able to come over and film, essentially making the film half done. Without Harry, the film wouldn't have been like my original idea. When I first constructed the idea, I thought of me and Harry, and it makes me so proud that I could bring that to life. Without Jacob, the forest shots wouldn't have been completed and again the film would've been half done. Obviously, massive thanks to Sam, Ina and Paige. You took me and my idea on head first and you helped make it something even better than I could imagine. Thank you for being so patient with me taking essentially all creative control. Couldn't have done it without you. I hope our grade at the end of it all is representative of the effort we put in :D Thanks to everyone who helped. We created something awesome. And when you get right down to it, awesome things make the world go round.
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Behind Green Lights (1946)
Behind Green Lights is a 1946 American film noir directed by Otto Brower. Police Lieutenant Sam Carson spots Walter Bard's bullet-ridden corpse in a car brazenly left in front of the police station. Carson questions Janet Bradley after finding her name in the dead man's appointment book. She admits that the Bard had been blackmailing her friend for $20,000, and that she went to see him, though she had been able to raise only half the money. When he refused to settle for that, she claims she took what she came for at gunpoint. Max Calvert, a newspaper owner, pressures Carson to arrest Bradley to hurt her father's election campaign for mayor. Carson declines. When Dr. Yager, the corrupt medical examiner, informs Calvert that Bard actually died from poison, Calvert orders him to get the body out of the police station and substitute another corpse for it before anyone else finds out. Meanwhile, Carson interviews Bard's estranged wife, Nora, who is accompanied by her lawyer and boyfriend, Arthur Templeton. Complications ensue when a prisoner pulls his own switch, taking the place of Bard's body to escape from the police station in an ambulance. Johnny Williams, the new reporter on the police beat, finds the missing body in a closet. He gets a scoop for his newspaper, and Carson gets his corpse back. The lieutenant notices there is very little blood for a fatal gunshot, so he orders another autopsy, by someone other than Yager. Then Nora Bard and Arthur Templeton voluntarily confess to him that they lied before. Nora was in her husband's apartment when he died. She had gone to plead for a divorce, and hid in another room when Janet Bradley arrived. After Janet left, Nora found Walter dying after drinking some liquor. When she ran out, she was seen by Templeton. He went into the apartment, assumed Nora had committed the crime, and staged the fake suicide to protect her. Noticing a fresh flower among Bard's effects, Carson questions flower seller Flossie. She mentions that when she went to try to collect what Bard owed her, she saw Yager unlock and enter Bard's apartment. Carson confronts Yager. Knowing that Bard had been investigating Yager for a malpractice suit, the policeman guesses that Yager stole the evidence Bard had found and poisoned the liquor. Yager makes a break for it, but is caught. At Detective Oppenheimer's suggestion, Carson then takes Janet Bradley out. Directed by Otto Brower Produced by Robert Bassler Written by Charles G. Booth Scott Darling Cinematography Joseph MacDonald Edited by Stanley Rabjohn Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release dates February 15, 1946 Running time 64 minutes Country United States Language English Source: Wikipedia
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