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The Liberty Medical Happy Diabeetus Song ft. Wilford Brimley
My first YTPMV. Inspired by NeoNintendo's "Scrub Scrub Scrub." Had some trouble balancing the audio properly, but hopefully it will play correctly for all of you. MP3 download now available: Lyrics: Chorus A: (Wilford): I eat ice cream All through the night x3 I eat ice cream All through the night And as a result, I got diabeetus. If you want diabeetus, you want diabeetus, x2 Eat ice cream. If you want diabeetus, you want diabeetus, x2 Eat apple pie. I eat ice cream All through the night x3 I eat ice cream All through the night And as a result, I'm gonna die. (/end Chorus A) (Link): Hey, wanna eat an octorock? (Wilford): Uhh... not interested. I've got diabeetus. (Link): That's easy, go on a diet! (Wilford): Go fuck a horse, I'm eatin' ice cream- after you get diabeetus! (Link): Huh!? Chorus B: (Wilford): Eat eat eat all the ice cream in Hyrule, Eat eat eat all the ice cream in Gamelon, Eat eat eat apple pie in the morning, Get diabeetus and die, lol. Eat eat eat all the ice cream in Liberty, Eat eat eat all the ice cream in the world, Eat eat eat medicine in the morning, I promise ya, you'll feel better. (/end Chorus B) Chorus A (Gwonam): Wilford, Ganon seized Liberty! (Wilford): I'm eatin' ice cream, then we can talk about- (Gwonam): There is no time, you must go! (Wilford): You save Liberty, I'm eatin' ice cream- after you get diabeetus! (Gwonam): Fuck! Chorus B (Wilford): Uhh... eat eat eat all the ice cream in Hyrule, Then we can talk about diabeetus- After you eat eat eat all the ice cream. (Link and Gwonam): No! (Ganonford): *Lightning* (Link): FUCK! (Ganonford): *Lightning* (Gwonam): FUCK!
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Kill The Messenger
Kill the Messenger, a documentary produced by Zadig Productions, directed by French filmmakers Mathieu Verboud and Jean Robert Viallet, is scheduled to air on Canal + in France on September 19, 2006. The film will also be aired in Belgium, on BeTV, and Australia, on SBS, this fall. The documentary explores the abuses behind the State Secrets Privilege as invoked in FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds' case as well as highlighting the travails and persecution of US national security whistleblowers. The filmmakers, Verboud and Viallet, spent nearly two years interviewing witnesses and researching the invocation and implementation of the state secrets privilege in Edmonds' case. Based on their documented findings and interviews with experts such as David Albright, Philip Giraldi, John Cole, Joseph Trento, Glenn Fine, David Rose, and others familiar with Edmonds' case, the film presents a terrifying picture of Turkish networks' activities in global nuclear black-market, narcotics and illegal arms trafficking activities in the United States, and examines the extraordinary efforts of officials within the US Government to insure that the secrecy surrounding Edmonds' case be maintained at any cost -- from Edmonds' termination from the FBI, to invoking the State Secrets Privilege, to gagging the US Congress. In the last two decades, the U.S. Congress has passed the most protective whistle-blower legislation in the world in order to enhance accountability and responsibility. But if you are a national security whistle-blower, this legislation doesn't apply to you. You have become an enemy of the State.
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History Buffs: Braveheart
Well, you have all been asking for Braveheart and for this Christmas that's exactly what you're gonna get! Although this review may not look too kindly on what is regarded as one of the most historically inaccurate movies of all time. Braveheart is a 1995 historical drama epic film directed by and starring Mel Gibson. Gibson portrays William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish warrior who led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. The story is based on Blind Harry's epic poem The Actes and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Schir William Wallace and was adapted for the screen by Randall Wallace. The film was nominated for ten Academy Awards at the 68th Academy Awards and won five: Best Picture, Best Makeup, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, and Best Director. Randall Wallace, who wrote the screenplay, has acknowledged Blind Harry's 15th century epic poem The Acts and Deeds of Sir William Wallace, Knight of Elderslie as a major inspiration for the film.[26] In defending his script, Randall Wallace has said, "Is Blind Harry true? I don't know. I know that it spoke to my heart and that's what matters to me, that it spoke to my heart."[26] Blind Harry's poem is now not regarded as historically accurate, and although some incidents in the film which are not historically accurate are taken from Blind Harry (e.g. the hanging of Scottish nobles at the start), [27] there are large parts which are based neither on history nor Blind Harry (e.g. Wallace's affair with Princess Isabelle). Elizabeth Ewan describes Braveheart as a film which "almost totally sacrifices historical accuracy for epic adventure".[28] The "brave heart" refers in Scottish history to that of Robert the Bruce, and an attribution by William Edmondstoune Aytoun, in his poem Heart of Bruce, to Sir James the Good Douglas: "Pass thee first, thou dauntless heart, As thou wert wont of yore!", prior to Douglas' demise at the Battle of Teba in Andalusia.[29] It has been described as one of the most historically inaccurate modern films.[30] Sharon Krossa notes that the film contains numerous historical errors, beginning with the wearing of belted plaid by Wallace and his men. In that period "no Scots ... wore belted plaids (let alone kilts of any kind)." Moreover, when Highlanders finally did begin wearing the belted plaid, it was not "in the rather bizarre style depicted in the film". She compares the inaccuracy to "a film about Colonial America showing the colonial men wearing 20th century business suits, but with the jackets worn back-to-front instead of the right way around."[31] "The events aren't accurate, the dates aren't accurate, the characters aren't accurate, the names aren't accurate, the clothes aren't accurate—in short, just about nothing is accurate."[32] The belted plaid (feileadh mór léine) was not introduced until the 16th century.[33] Peter Traquair has referred to Wallace's "farcical representation as a wild and hairy highlander painted with woad (1,000 years too late) running amok in a tartan kilt (500 years too early)." [34] In 2009, the film was second on a list of "most historically inaccurate movies" in The Times.[30] In the humorous non-fictional historiography An Utterly Impartial History of Britain (2007), author John O'Farrell notes that Braveheart could not have been more historically inaccurate, even if a "Plasticine dog" had been inserted in the film and the title changed to William Wallace and Gromit.
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How To Cook Rice Perfectly | Easy Recipe By Ruchi Bharani | Basic Cooking
Watch and learn how to cook rice perfectly at home only on Rajshri Food. Rice is most widely consumed staple food. It is cooked in all the households on daily basis. Hence chef Ruchi is here to show you how to cook rice perfectly at home in quick and easy steps, along with simple and easy hacks and tricks. Ingredients - 3 & 1/2 cups of water - 1/2 tsp of salt - 1 cup of basmati rice (soaked) Method 1 - Boil water and add salt and turn on the flame - Add pre washed and soaked rice into boiling water, stir it and let it boil for 6-7 minutes. - Drain out the excess water and with the fork pluck the rice properly and let it cool Ingredients - 1 cup of rice - 1 1/4th cup of water - salt Method 2 - In a pressure cooker place a thin stand. - Pour some water and keep the vessel. - Now add the pre washed & soak rice, water and salt. - Make sure you place rubber lid and cover the lid. - Also place the vent valve. - Keep the pressure cooker over the flame. - Cook it for 1 whistle on high flame and 2 whistles on low flame. - Let it cool down completely before you open it. Ingredients - 1 cup of rice - 2 cups of water - salt Method 3 - In a bowl add pre washed and soaked rice - Add water and salt and stir it - Cover it with the lid - After 15 minutes check the rice - Perfect rice is ready to be served Host: Ruchi Bharani Director : Suchandra Basu Camera: Kavaldeep Singh Jangwal, Manjeet Katariya,Pratik Gumre Editor : Dinesh Shetty Creative Head: Kavya Krishnaswamy Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya Copyrights: Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited
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Gillette Files Lawsuit Against Dollar Shave Club
So if you haven’t heard the news, Gillette is suing the Dollar Shave club over Patent infringement. Before going into the story too much let’s take a look at each company. Gillette is based in Massachusetts and is owned by corporate conglomerate Proctor & Gamble. They are known for their line of Mach razors for men and Venus razors for women. The Dollar Shave Club is a California based company that runs a subscription-based razor delivery service. The shaving industry has recently taken off with facial hair grooming becoming more popular each year. The online market for men’s shaving products is worth an estimated $260 million annually according to the Wall Street Journal. That’s 8% of the total 3 billion dollar shaving industry. It’s believed that Gillette owns 60% of the total shaving market, and that the Dollar Shave Club owns about 20% of the online market. The lawsuit filed is a civil suit claiming that the razors sent out by The Dollar Shave Club use a protective blade coating method that Gillette owns the patent to. The strange thing is that the Dollar Shave Club doesn’t manufacture these razors; they are just a reseller. They actually buy the razors from Dorco which is not mentioned in the lawsuit. The lawsuit is requesting that the Dollar Shave Club stop sending out the razors and also seeks monetary compensation. Now, if you’ve never bought a razor then you might not realize that Gillette is one of the most expensive options you can choose long-term. The razors aren’t terribly expensive but blade replacements can be up to $5 per blade. The Dorco blades shipped out by the Dollar Shave Club can be purchased by individuals and are much cheaper than Gillette brand razors. Straight razors have also become a trend among male shaving enthusiasts, however the cheapest option is still a plain safety razor. Gillette Razor - http://amzn.to/1Ys3lbX Gillette Blades - http://amzn.to/1Ys3T1w Dorco Razor - http://amzn.to/1OGQkAL Safety Razor - http://amzn.to/1OGQp7o Thanks for watching, and happy shaving!
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