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The Imp of the Perverse
► "Dark, fantastic… original, high-quality filmmaking" (PEOPLE magazine); a short film about a monster that may, or may not, be trapped in a wardrobe. ► Buy a signed Imp MOVIE POSTER (You'll be supporting my future filmmaking projects. So thank you.) ► Outtakes/BTS footage Written, Directed & Edited by BENJAMIN COOK Inspired by a short story by EDGAR ALLAN POE Cast: DAN STOKES JAKE SHIELS MYLES WHEELER JAMIE CHRISTOPHERSON DODIE CLARK MITCHELL DAVIS HAZEL HAYES Crew: Director of Photography: CIARAN O'BRIEN Animation: MATT LEY VFX: MAT HILL Sound Design: DAN PUGSLEY Sound Recordist: MATTHEW AMYS Camera Assistant: JOHN MILLMAN Production Assistant: ANYA TYE Stills Photography: OLLIE ALI Supervising Producer: JACK FERRY Producer: BENJAMIN COOK Executive Producers: KATHLEEN GRACE and MELISSA SCHNEIDER Funded by NEW FORM DIGITAL With special thanks to: RON HOWARD and BRIAN GRAZER Music: KEVIN MACLEOD, JOHN SWIHART, ALFREDO ANTONINI, PURPLE PLANET, MYLES WHEELER, and CHRISTIAN MCNEILL & SEA MONSTERS. Kevin MacLeod and Purple Planet tracks licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0, John Swihart, Alfredo Antonini, and Christian McNeill & Sea Monsters tracks licensed by CueSongs. Track List: "Consequence" – KEVIN MACLEOD, 2005 "Asian Drums" – KEVIN MACLEOD, 2008 "My Name Is Odd Thomas" – JOHN SWIHART, 2012 "The Chamber" – KEVIN MACLEOD, 2008 "Dramatic Links 3" – ALFREDO ANTONINI "Hep Cat Jive" – PURPLE PLANET, 2011 "The Imp Of The Perverse" – MYLES WHEELER, 2015 "Long Note Two" – KEVIN MACLEOD, 2008 "Incubus" – PURPLE PLANET, 2014 "This Is Not A Bank Robbery" – JOHN SWIHART, 2011 "Dream About Hell" – CHRISTIAN MCNEILL & SEA MONSTERS, 2013
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OPEN FOR ANYONE - a film by Salvation Productions Salvation Productions - Matthew Wright, Sam Keene, Ina Rai, Paige Dexter. DIRECTOR & EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Matthew Wright WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY: Chainsaw Productions EDITED BY: Chainsaw Productions DIRECTOR OF CINEMATOGRAPHY: Matthew Wright CAST Matthew Wright as "Matt" Harry Wheelwright as "Harry" Jacob Jerkovich as "The Murderer" Paige Dexter as "Dead Body" CINEMATOGRAPHY/CAMERA CREW: All of Salvation Productions, as well as: Lesley Wright Harry Wheelwright Jacob Jerkovich MUSIC (in order of appearance) "People Say I'm No Good" by Charles Manson Music sampled from Bertie Gilbert's "Tick Where It Hurts", composed by Tom Rosenthal "Ghosts We Once Knew" by Mumford & Sons TRAILER MUSIC: "It's Okay" by Tom Rosenthal SPECIAL THANKS TO Lesley Wright Harry Wheelwright Jacob Jerkovich Infinite thanks to those three people. Without them the film would either have been not possible to make, not like my original idea, or incomplete. Without Mum, Harry wouldn't have been able to come over and film, essentially making the film half done. Without Harry, the film wouldn't have been like my original idea. When I first constructed the idea, I thought of me and Harry, and it makes me so proud that I could bring that to life. Without Jacob, the forest shots wouldn't have been completed and again the film would've been half done. Obviously, massive thanks to Sam, Ina and Paige. You took me and my idea on head first and you helped make it something even better than I could imagine. Thank you for being so patient with me taking essentially all creative control. Couldn't have done it without you. I hope our grade at the end of it all is representative of the effort we put in :D Thanks to everyone who helped. We created something awesome. And when you get right down to it, awesome things make the world go round.
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