Donald Trump Super Tuesday VICTORY SPEECH
Donald Trump Thanks Supporters; Congratulates Cruz's Texas Win, Calls Rubio 'Lightweight' Donald Trump took to the stage at a watch party at his Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, Tuesday night. "This is has been amazing evening...I want to congratulate [Cruz] on winning Texas, that was an excellent win," Trump said. "We are going to make America great again, folks." He added, "This was an exciting evening, it's great to be here with my friend...I know it was a tough night for Marco Rubio, I know he's a lightweight." Chris Christie took to the stage beforehand and said, "Tonight Donald Trump is the clear winner on Super Tuesday, but the win is important for our country, adding Trump "is bringing the Republican party for a victory this November." He also said Trump is a "fighter, a leader who speaks plainly to the American people...and he is bringing the country together." ABC News projects Trump will win the Georgia, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia GOP primaries, based on exit poll data and vote analysis. Trump, who owns a home in West Palm Beach, spoke on a stage lit with blue and red lights in the luxury golf resort's White and Gold Ballroom, which features ornate gold decorations lining the walls and ceiling. Florida will hold its primary on March 15, although voting by mail and early voting is already under way. Trump is the keynote speaker for the Palm Beach GOP at Mar-A-Lago on March 11. A Quinnipiac poll of Florida Republican voters released last week showed Trump ahead of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio 44-28 percent.
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